12 easy keto chocolate dessert recipes

Indulge in delicious chocolate treats and impress your friends and family.

Get ready to indulge.

" I'm on keto, I cannot eat my favourite sweets anymore..."

YES YOU CAN! The keto life can –and should– include brownies, cookies, and chocolate!

We teamed up with keto chef Andy from Keto Genia, to share 12 easy keto chocolate dessert recipes that are as delicious as your (old) favorite sugar treats. And super easy to prep .

Now you can make and enjoy these sweet treats without undoing your hard work.


Made by Andy with our Funky Fat Chocs

All 12 recipes were created by Andy. She is the Keto Chef behind the blog and instagram page of the same name: Ketogenia. Genia in Spanish means Genius.

And she truly is a genius in creating delicious keto recipes.

Just looking at these recipes make us drool all over the screen. All the ingredients she uses are 100% clean and keto-approved. Including our keto chocolates.

What you'll get

  • 12 super easy and delicious recipes to enjoy and become your own keto dessert chef. Including 5 vegan-friendly ones.
  • Each recipe includes its macro calculations per serving.
  • A pantry list of everything you'll need to prep these recipes!


Be your own keto chef and impress your family.


You can have your own keto chocolate spread in just 30 minutes. And impress everyone that says a keto diet cannot be delicious and enjoyable.

Who knows... maybe some of them will even go keto as well after this!

(Ps: The kids will also love it!)

Want to take a peek on some of the recipes?