KetoCacao key ingredients

Breaking down these key Ingredients.

It's a functional bar, not candy

Our KetoCacao bars are made with single origin Sur del Lago cacao from Venezuela. The cacao from Sur del Lago taste sweet, and is very aromatic. It is considered for its superfine quality and favoured by all chocolatiers worldwide. Together with our chocolate maker partner, we produce every bar handmade. And we carry out every stage of the chocolate making process - we are one of only 150 chocolate producers in the world producing chocolate “from beans to bar’’.  We follow two holy principles: work with the best ingredients and produce world-class healthy wholesome chocolate.

More energy + satisfaction

As the name already suggests, MCT oil powder is MCT oil in a powder form. That simple. MCT oil powder is gentler in our digestive system than in its liquid form while it maintains all the kick-ass nutritional benefits. Our MCT oil powder is 100% derived from coconuts, with 70% c8/ c10, and 30% of Acacia fiber, which works as a probiotic for gut health. It helps to lower cholesterol levels and stabilise your blood sugar. MCTs are a fast source of clean energy and can support appetite control, weight loss, brain and heart health, focus, and a healthy metabolism.

No bitterness, no sugar spikes

Erythritol is a natural sweetener. A polyol (sugar alcohol) found naturally in some fruits and vegetables. It has a glycemic index of zero, which means it does not affect blood sugar and it has very few calories. Erythritol is also metabolism friendly and easy to digest.