Say hi to good fats!

Pump up your day with our plant-based, keto chocolate bars packed with MCTs.

Pump up your day

Whenever you need an energy boost, these MCT powered chocolate bars will come to the rescue. Anywhere, anytime. 

Say bye to cravings

A good snack should take the edge off your hunger. Our keto chocs are high in healthy fats, which makes you satisfied for hours. No more late night snacking!

No more carb counting

Because all flavors are sugar-free and super low-carb, you don’t need to be counting your bites. All you need to do is revel in each and every one of them.

Real keto

With only up to 2.5g net carbs and 29g of healthy fats, these Chocs are truly keto. Absolutely no sugar or sneaky carbs hiding around.

Real ingredients

No additives, fillers, gluten or any of that rubbish. Everything we put in the Funky Choc is organic and clean. Only what’s best for you.

Real taste

Who said you need sugar to make a tasty chocolate? Our bars are proof that you just don’t. We made a yummy choc with a handful of ingredients, and no funny aftertaste.

Trusted by health specialists

The best no sugar chocolate. Super balanced, no erythritol cooling taste, awesome flavors.

Dr. Anthony Gustin (Founder of Perfect Keto)

These bars fit perfectly in my lifestyle . They don't disturb my ketosis and I love the taste. The extra MCT get's me even deeper into ketosis.

Romana Switzer, orthomolecular and lifestyle coach

I let my clients try them because you have to FEEL what they do for you. They stop cravings, they increase my focus. I am addicted!

Tessa van der Steen - Health coach

This chocolate with this energy source makes it the perfect snack before a long run. It contains MCT which is directly converted into quick energy.

Lotte Damen - Keto dietitian

Easily the best keto sugar free chocolate I've ever tasted. Super clean ingredients and contains MCT's helping boost ketone levels. Will definitely be recommending it to my clients who want a gult free go to keto snack.

Keto Coach Dave

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