Our Story

Who the Funky Fat Foods?


Hey, I’m Louisa Mesquita Bakker. Back in 2017, I began to follow the Keto lifestyle to which I owe all the energy, mental clarity and other health benefits I get to enjoy. Before starting this woe (way-of-eating) my all time favourite snack was chocolate.

To my frustration, there was a lack of honest, low carb chocolate bars with high cacao content and simple ingredients in the market. Especially a tasty one. At times I caught myself daydreaming about the perfect chocolate bar: tasty, low carb, high in healthy fats and without fillers, sugar and all that cheap crap that still raises insulin. Then it hit me: How about making one?

With a pinch of courage and support of my family, I was able to create the first Keto chocolate bar. A low-carb chocolate bar that not only I could enjoy (which I do a lot…) but can also be enjoyed by chocolate affectionados without having to mess up their diet or their health for it.  

KetoCacao chocolate is my first baby and we're here to empower you to go for your max potential in life that's why we strive to create even more tasty & functional foods high in healthy fats. Obviously, without sugar or other bad stuff your body just doesn’t need.

We’re thrilled to be part of the small but growing group of food suppliers that has good health as their premier goal. We strongly believe one day all food companies will be driven to have a positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing.


A young & hungry company on a mission to create tasty & functional foods high in healthy fats. Without sugar or other crap our body doesn’t need. Period.

We’re Funky because we don’t take ourselves too seriously… but we’re damn serious about health.

Our lifestyle decisions can either make or break us. Many chronic diseases are linked to bad diets and unhealthy habits. Going all in on real and whole foods that are healthful can change lives for the better. That’s why we’re here to break the big fat taboo and make honest food using the best possible ingredients. No junk. Because life is fun and we should certainly enjoy it to the fullest while feeling and looking unstoppable. Learn more about healthy fats here.

That said, we only use the best nature has to give, we highlight the benefits of eating lots of healthy fats, and stay away from crap like sugars, fillers, preservatives, gluten or soy.


“Be someone that does things others say can’t be done.”