KetoCacao Dark
KetoCacao Dark
KetoCacao Dark
KetoCacao Dark

KetoCacao Dark

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Take a bite, feel stronger.

Nutritious Keto dark chocolate with MCTs that you can fully indulge on during your active life. A delicious snack to feel stronger and clear your mind - without bitterness or sugar spikes.

  • For dark chocolate fans and Keto/ Low-carb followers who wants to fuel themselves while staying on track.

  • Each bar contains of 1 net carb and 22g of fat.

  • Ideal Keto Ratio of 4:1 (ratio of total fat to net carbs + protein), which is unique in comparison with dark chocolate bars of major brands.

Perfect for long office hours or as an addition to your favorite recipes.

75% Cacao Mass + Cocoa butter, Organic Erythritol, MCT Oil Powder with Acacia Fiber (100% derived from coconuts).

Keep it in a cool and dry place.


Breaking down these key Ingredients.

It's a functional bar, not candy

Our KetoCacao bars are made with single origin Sur del Lago cacao from Venezuela. The cacao from Sur del Lago taste sweet, and is very aromatic. It is considered for its superfine quality and favoured by all chocolatiers worldwide. Together with our chocolate maker partner, we produce every bar handmade. And we carry out every stage of the chocolate making process - we are one of only 150 chocolate producers in the world producing chocolate “from beans to bar’’.  We follow two holy principles: work with the best ingredients and produce world-class healthy wholesome chocolate.

More energy + satisfaction

As the name already suggests, MCT oil powder is MCT oil in a powder form. That simple. MCT oil powder is gentler in our digestive system than in its liquid form while it maintains all the kick-ass nutritional benefits. Our MCT oil powder is 100% derived from coconuts, with 70% c8/ c10, and 30% of Acacia fiber, which works as a probiotic for gut health. It helps to lower cholesterol levels and stabilise your blood sugar. MCTs are a fast source of clean energy and can support appetite control, weight loss, brain and heart health, focus, and a healthy metabolism.

No bitterness, no sugar spikes

Erythritol is a natural sweetener. A polyol (sugar alcohol) found naturally in some fruits and vegetables. It has a glycemic index of zero, which means it does not affect blood sugar and it has very few calories. Erythritol is also metabolism friendly and easy to digest.

Do you gain weight eating fat? Generally, no. Eating fat is very satisfying, and you end up eating fewer calories. It's important to eat in such a way that your body can burn fat as its primary fuel rather than sugars. Please go for high-quality fats instead of fats like vegetable oils used in processed food and fried foods.

Are human bodies designed to eat fat? Yes! We have gall bladders that squirt bile into our small intestines so we can digest fat in our food.

We eat so much fat nowadays. Isn’t it a problem? 
Unfortunately, the strong belief that glucose is the preferred fuel for our body has become deeply ingrained over the decades. Increasingly more often now, it is specified as the driving force behind our obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The benefits of a high-fat diet are investigated in the BBC documentary, "Fat [Versus] Carbs With Jamie Owen,” which originally aired in October 2016.

What do I do if eating fats makes my stomach hurt? Cleanse your gall bladder. Eating beets or taking supplements with beets in them every day will help with that. If you don’t have a gall bladder because it was surgically removed, then you should consider taking a supplement that contains bile in it so your body can digest fat more easily.

Why do people say that all fat is bad? Read here (truth about fat).

I was told cholesterol is bad. Isn’t it bad? For the past decades, we have been warned that eating cholesterol-rich foods, such as eggs, would raise your cholesterol and give you a higher risk of heart disease. Much research has been conducted over the years, and the dietary guidelines finally addressed this scientific shortcoming, stating that ''cholesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.” This is good news. However, unfortunately, the guidelines became confusing, and they still are, says Dr. Mercola. The basic premise was wrong. “Dietary fat is indeed associated with heart disease, but it's the processed vegetable oils, which may also contain trans fats and oxidized omega-6 fats, that are the problem, not saturated fats.” Click here to read the full article.

We also recommend watching the short yet very informative video from Dr. Berg that will give you a good understanding of the Truth about cholesterol.

Is Funky Fat Foods Vegan/Vegetarian? Our high-fat chocolate bars Keto Cacao are vegan.

What's NOT in our Funky Fat Foods’ products?
- No added sugars.
- No soy or other fillers.
- No gmo, artificial colors/flavors.
- No gluten.

What kind of natural sweeteners does Funky Fat Foods use? All our products are without refined sugars or carb containing sweeteners like agave syrup, palm sugar, etc. For our KC bars, we use organic Erythritol instead, which has a glycemic index of 0 and doesn’t have the medical aftertaste like other (alcohol) sweeteners.

Do you ship internationally? Yes! We definitely share our Funky Fat Foods products with all our international friends. However, please keep in mind shipping costs + possible customs duties outside Europe.

Can I find Funky Fat Food in physical shops as well? Check our other locations  to find out where you can find our Funky Fat Foods products.

Are there any shipping costs? We offer free shipping internationally on orders over 70 euros. On orders below 70 euros, the shipping costs will be calculated at check out since it varies depending on your location.

How can I learn more about the high-fat lifestyle? We are high-fat fanatics, and we share more about this lifestyle in our newsletter and on our blog. Don’t just take our word for it; believe the scientific research that has been conducted. For more information, please check out Put links to our blog post + truth about fat)

What’s Keto? Keto is short for Ketogenic, which is a low-carb, high-fat dietary lifestyle based on fueling your body with greater amounts of healthy fats rather than carbs.That’s why there’s no better name to describe our chocolate bars: Keto (Low Carb, High Fat) and Cacao. Got it?

What are Keto Cacao’s ingredients? Glad you asked. We use high-quality South-American cacao, MCT oil powder with Acacia fiber, and the organic, zero GI sweetener Erythritol. We offer KC dark, KC Coconut, KC Hazelnuts, KC Coffee, and KC White. These are all for you to feel unstoppable without any sugar crash. Choose your favorite.

What’s MCT Oil powder in Keto Cacao? 
We use MCT oil powder with Acacia fiber in our products. MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) functions as a high-fat fuel for the body, which is satisfying and quickly metabolized by the liver, giving an instant energy and brain boost. Our KC bars are chocolate bars blended with MCT oil powder, an excellent power blend for your busy days at the office or pre and post workouts.

What’s the origin of the cacao used in the Keto Cacao bars? Our KetoCacao bars are made with 100% single origin organic cacao from South-America. Together with our chocolate maker partner, we produce every bar handmade. We buy organic cocoa beans directly from the best cocoa plantations in the world, and we carry out every stage of the chocolate making process - we are one of only 150 chocolate producers in the world producing chocolate "from beans to bar''. We follow two holy principles: work with the best ingredients and produce world-class healthy wholesome chocolate.

I am not following a Keto or a high-fat diet. Can I still consume Keto Cacao? All our Funky Fat Foods products including KetoCacao are for everyone, but you get the best health benefits when you reduce simple carbs (or simple sugars). Examples include bread, pasta, white rice, white potatoes, and breakfast cereals. These spike insulin and prevent fat burn. Still, just like “good fats” and “bad fats,” there are simple and complex carbs. These carbs are slowly released into your body, which means no blood-sugar spike. Good carb sources include dark leafy greens like spinach and kale. In fact, any vegetable (commonly those growing above ground), such as broccoli, cauliflower, and green peppers, are awesome carbs. 

How long do the bars from KC last? We don’t use chemicals to let them last for years, which your body will thank us for. Consequently, we recommend consuming Keto Cacao within 12 months. Please remember to store it in a dry and cool place at all times, avoiding direct sunlight.

Still got a question?
Just send us a funky email at and we will get back to you soon.

Truth about fats

Yes, fat is back and here to stay! our ancestors were devoted to eating fat, the most precious ingredient in food. Finally, we can decide how we eat and live our awesome lives. 

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